Our Son’s wedding

Our Son’s wedding was eleven months ago. It was beautiful and cozy and so much love. My husband walked her down the aisle as she doesn’t have a father. What an honor for him. Still brings tears to my eyes. She is such an amazing young woman, we are so lucky to have her as part of our family. Our son’s godfather flew in from out-of-state to bear witness, but my mother did not attend.

She called our son and asked would “he” be there? Of course, well then I can’t come. Really? I had months to prepare to be civil and not let this time be about her and our conflict, but I can’t express how relived/angry/disappointed/embarrassed I felt at the news. As the kids say “All the Feels.”

How dare you? I was told to forgive and forget everything that happened to me as a child at the hands of your husband, but you can’t forgive mine for standing up for our child? No voices were raised, you were simply told enough. How very adult of you.

I am still amazed after all this time your ability to hurt those you were supposed to nurture. You always told me you had me first and I would always be first. What a lie. You stood by with full knowledge and let him abuse me. He was allowed to control all aspects of my life. But you couldn’t come to your grandson’s wedding.


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