PTSD I tend to view PTSD as a military problem. Someone I know applied that to me the other day. Really? Then I realized she was right, I do have it. Does having a label help, no but understanding some of the symptoms seems to. There are valid reasons why some things set my teeth on edge and make me uncomfortable. I know get over it right? Well that doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried very hard and it just doesn’t work. Can anybody out there tell me how to “just get over it?” Didn’t think so. If something happens and you lose a part of your body, you don’t get over it. You learn how to cope the best you can and work around the missing part. No one expects you to just get over it, but they sure do if you have had traumatic events in your life. You hear things like that was so long ago, how can that still be bothering you now? Everyone has stuff, just deal with it and move on. The list of helpful comments goes on. Granted this conversation doesn’t have a place in day-to day conversations, but one would hope when you are sharing the depths of your soul with someone they would understand. Not expect it to change because you know what caused it. It just doesn’t work that way. I hate to have anyone put their arms around me from the back, I stiffen up every time and my heart starts racing. Is this a normal reaction to a loving embrace? No of course not, but it is mine and I can’t fix it. I wish I could.  I also don’t do very well when people yell. Sorry I just don’t. If you are yelling at me be assured I am no longer present even if my body is. Written 6/2/2015 Sometimes I want to sit on a post awhile before I publish it.


One comment on “PTSD

  1. I was told I had PTSD around the time I was 14, about ten years ago. I also grew up with a grandfather who was in ‘Nam and well he definitely had it. A lot of people really can’t get over it. Some people can, but it takes time and a lot of work (usually exposure therapy type stuff, I believe).

    It sucks, especially when you know how irrational you’re being, at least for me I often know when I’m overreacting but can’t seem to help it.

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