What’s Your Line?

My first line was when I had my daughter. I told my stepfather he would never be allowed to be alone with her. My mother didn’t take it well. She wanted to know why would I want to bring up “old bones.” Why indeed. I was too stunned to even reply. Who could this person be? Of course it was never that bad. Really it wasn’t?

My second line was when my parents couldn’t come to my military retirement after 26 years of service. The reason “it might snow.” Not it was snowing or they didn’t have a car capable of driving in the snow if it did snow. It might snow, after all it was no big deal. I don’t remember how I got sucked back in after that one. Most likely listening to people tell me how sorry I ‘d be when she is gone.

Now my third line is much deeper in the sand over something I didn’t even witness. It happened while I was at the store. She started on my daughter and had her close to tears, my husband stepped in and told her enough. My good brave hubby. She left in a huff and later (weeks) told me my mate scared her so badly she was having nightmares. Really. What a load of bull crap. Each of these lines were about ten years apart. I am working on this being my last line. It has been over a year. I don’t miss all the games. I am happier than I have been in a long time. I still worry have I done the right thing and am reaching out to others. I still miss the idea of mom, but then she will never be what I need and want. Thank you for reading.


2 comments on “What’s Your Line?

  1. I get it.

    At a certain point, there can be no more lines.

    I still wish I could make everyone understand my mother isn’t who or what she pretends to be …

    They all find out, eventually. But by then, the damage is done.

    You are brave to tell your story.

    I wish you strength and peace.


    • Thank you I am so glad you get it. Not many people do, and if you try to explain it they look at you with pity in their eyes.
      I want to be understood.
      I wish you strength and peace also.


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